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 But wait there’s more…

I always thought these words “but wait there’s more” were the first words of Ron Popeil (Veg-O-Matic) and the last words of Billy Mays (OxiClean, OrangeGlo) but Wikipedia says otherwise:

“Although Popeil often receives credit for having been the first to use this phrase, “But wait, there’s more,” its origin is attributed to the State Fair JAM Auctioneers. The JAM Auctioneers also were the first to use the phrase, “How much would you pay?” Ed Valenti, founder and seller of the Ginsu knife added the word, “Now” to that phrase in the 1970s. Like the JAM Auctioneers of past, each time that question was asked, another item would be added to the sale, thus enhancing the audience’s and potential buyers’ perceived value of the purchase.” – Wikipedia

Actually, there is a lot more.  Just try it and then you decide.

 To be more precise, around 2,200 online educational videos of various topics: Beginning SpanishFinancial Accounting  for CLEP testsHome Schooling, Vocational Training (Diesel Technician)  College Prep12 AP Study Courses: US History, (et al).

If you don’t know what “et al”, it means many others of a similar nature but not named. If you use this phrase often, you will impress your English Language Teacher.  However, I remember the Hillbilly Cafe in the Lake of the Ozarks with the sign “Have you et yet?”  Only Larry, the Cable Guy, can use this phrase “et yet” and be impressive.

And there is a lot less. (zero, nada, zilch – NO commercial ads )

These videos DO NOT have the [bleeping] commercials that steal 21 minutes out of every 60 minutes of the History Channel and Discovery Channel. This is a simple deal.  You pay pennies per hour. We are kinda like an educational version of Netflix ®. (Legal disclaimer: We are not Netflix. We are competing with Netflix for your captive eyeballs.)

However, I searched Netflix for “ap biology” and got a movie called “Bad Biology”, a soft-porn clock sucker.  After watching it, I wanted the 2 hours of my life back.  I wanted to search Ebay for the magic pen light from the movie “Men In Black” that erases short term memory. “Bad Biology” was that “bad”.

Note: This review of “Bad Biology” on Netflix is the IMHO (in my humble opinion)  of

I searched when I get burned out from studying by textbook. Often I try to engrave the 2 inch thick Princeton Review Book on bio and chem into my neural synapses by playing the Biology Fabric of Life series or Chemistry the Universal Connection.  When I start foaming at the mouth, I found motivation in Quest for the Empowered Self, a self-help psychology series.

I finally  found a use for my Android Tablet!

However, I finally found a use my [bleeping] Android Samsung Tablet.  The McDonald’s at the corner of Mannheim and Touhy (Chicago) has a fireplace and free Wi-Fi. If the traffic is too bad around the Rosemont Horizon Arena for the Rock Concert of the Week, I pull in, plug in my Sony  noise-cancelling earbuds from RadioShack, and pound down $1 McDonald’s Coffee (that is better than Starbucks Coffee (in my humble opinion).

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A Rant A Day For 5-Days.

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Day 2 101 Uses for a Dead IPAD or Android Tablet PC

Day 3 Five Signs You May Have Electronically Induced Attention Deficit Disorder

Day 4 Is Commercial Television Destroying Your Future Earning Potential?

Day 5 When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

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