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Why Is AP Study Such A Pain In The Asterisk*?

Advanced Placement Biology  (AP Biology Course)

Can You Imagine Studying For AP Tests At A Wi-Fi Coffee Shop ?

Watch Commercial TV for 4 Hours A Day And Flunk AP Tests?

Watch AP Study Videos for 4 Hours A Day And Pass AP Tests?

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Why Is AP Study Such A Pain In The *$#%! Asterisk*?

It is not your fault. You are a victim of Human Evolution.  Let us call man’s early brain the Lizard Brain. The Lizard Brain was geared for two things.  First, avoid being eaten. Second, find something to eat.  (Third, may be to try to reproduce at every chance. However, that does not take any brains at all.)

Therefore, you instinctively  break concentration at the slightest movement.  You glance at the Twitter Scroll at the right. The Twitter Scroll displays what your  competitors are studying RIGHT NOW! Your competitors are NOT watching Commercial YouTube. Your competitors are NOT watching Commercial TV.  Are they ACTUALLY making better use of their time? When is your test date? How much time do you have left to study?

How can you painlessly study more every day?


If you try reading at a noisy Wi-Fi coffee shop, you get distracted.  Also, just try watching the jumbled 3-minute mess of  “Amateur Night”  YouTube Videos.  Every couple of minutes,  YouTube breaks your concentration with 10 Pesky Side Ads.    These 10 Pesky Side Ads will NOT BE ON THE  TEST.

RMI  Academy  Videos are  Full-Length, College Level Courses. RMI Academy Videos are professionally produced. RMI Academy Videos are NOT on YouTube. RMI Academy Videos are streamed from our secure servers. Our complete, online  videos courses DO NOT have the “10 Pesky Side Ads” . Your Lizard Brain predicts you have nothing to lose. Your Lizard Brain would rather watch on your IPAD or Android Tablet. Your Lizard Brain does not like solitary confinement.  Solitary confinement is  reading  2-inch textbooks locked away in your room.

Just try a 5-day FREE trial of our RMI Academy Videos. Then  decide if you can invest $10 a month in your future.

RMI Academy Videos Index in recommended viewing order

Actually, studying is an unnatural act! Solitary confinement is punishment .   Sleep deprivation is punishment. If you want to punish yourself, isolate yourself.  Sit under a glaring light. Then stay up half the night concentrating on a 2-inch Textbook.

Books are the text-based interface to learning in a video world.

Books don’t move or talk. Books are old and boring.  Books are the  MS-DOS text-based interface to learning.  Your mind thinks in pictures and sounds. When you read “Andrew Jackson” your mind thinks about a $10 bill.  For that $10,  you can view  over 2,000 commercial-free educational  videos for one month.

Streaming videos move and talk. You probably can overcome your electronically induced ADHD by watching AP US History Videos .  If you try reading a boring textbook at a noisy  Wi-Fi  coffee shop, you are wasting your time.  You have the right to watch videos because the British lost the war.   Gee, if only you could watch videos and learn at the same time

Can you imagine actually stomping Test Anxiety?

You don’t like to study from books. You would rather watch a video. However, your Lizard Brain keeps nagging you to start studying. If you don’t, you will be wearing a name tag. You will be  asking people “Supersize your order?”

However, your Lizard Brain predicts something else.  Ace your AP Biology Test.  If you do,  your name tag could begin with “Dr”. You could be driving a new BMW convertible.  Can you trick your Lizard Brain into studying by watching videos? (Look, I don’t have the answer . Only you do. However, you can try a 5-day FREE trial by clicking here. )

First, look at  Advanced Placement English Language. You must develop the skills to write under pressure.

Second,  Advanced Placement US History describes the how-to-use these educational videos.  By the numbers:

  • 1.    Read Textbook . Take Notes.
  • 2.    Watch Related Videos. Take Notes.
  • 3.    Read notes into MP3.
  • 4.    Listen to MP3 while working out.
  • 5.    Rinse and Repeat.   (Rinse means meditation)

You want to make use of every minute of the day.  You don’t want to feel like “The Advanced Placement Prisoner”.

Hint:  See What You Have Already Watched Here.

(Please put on your Do Not Disturb – I Am Studying Cap . Then click @APstudyVideos below to retweet your Do Not Disturb tweet)

RMI Academy Videos Index in recommended viewing order

Don’t panic. Imagine all the food you will eat next year.  It would also look overwhelming. You just take one byte* at a time.

* Asterisk (Did you get my play on words?  One byte instead of one bite. Bite is associated with food. Byte is associated with streaming video. Just trying to  communicate my ideas. )

Can I Bribe You? 

Google “Online AP Courses” and Compare. We are $9.95 A Month!


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